What to expect at Ridgeview’s Birthing Center during the COVID-19 pandemic

We understand this may be a scary time to have a baby, but be assured, we are doing all we can to ensure a safe and positive birthing experience.

Expectant moms are invited to have one healthy support person with them, who may remain with them and their babies during their stay at Ridgeview. To keep our newborn babies safe, we are limiting visitation to that one person.

When you arrive at the Birthing Center for delivery, you and your support person will be asked a number of questions to assess your and your support person’s health. Should your support person be ill at the time of admission, you may identify a healthy back-up support person to be present with you. Your care team will provide information about on-site meal options and other services available to you and your support person during your stay.

For new mothers suspected or confirmed positive for COVID-19, your caregiver will have a conversation with you about the risk of transmission and include you in shared decision-making. No woman will labor alone and no mother will be forced to separate from her newborn. Following your delivery, your care team will provide education and support to help you prepare for taking your baby home including – when appropriate for your recovery–the option for early discharge.

Ridgeview and its Birthing Center team are committed to informing and supporting you before, during and after your delivery. For more information, please talk to your provider.

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If you have further questions about how we are keeping our patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our exceptional providers, call (952) 442-2137 today!


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