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Western OB/GYN is following MDH and CDC recommendations for Coronavirus

A message from Western OB/GYN to its patients:

To our valued patients,
For over 40 years, Western OB/Gyn has been providing the highest quality of health care to the women of our community. In 2020, we are now faced with new challenges in providing that care to you. With the COVID-19 crisis, we must care for you in new ways, doing everything in our power to maintain your access to health care. We must ensure you have both a safe clinic environment, and providers available to respond to your needs. We also share a responsibility to others in our community at large, calling on us to be good stewards of health care resources.

To this end, we are taking temporary steps to reduce our clinic volumes, increase social distancing, and conserve resources. This will likely cause you some degree of inconvenience, and for this we ask your patience and understanding. We are restricting young children from the clinic, limiting patients to bringing one guest with them, and would respectfully ask that you even consider leaving that person at home.
At this time we will be moving all preventative health care examinations back 6 weeks, as an initial intervention. If you already have your appointment scheduled, you will be contacted by our staff. Arrangements will be made for refilling your prescriptions, and you will be offered a future appointment time. If you have needs that require more immediate assistance, please let us know and you will be called by your provider to address this. New appointments will be booking into May.

There will also be temporary changes to your prenatal care as we will be making use of telemedicine visits and, if deemed appropriate by your provider, decreasing the frequency of your visits.

We will also maintain your access to gynecologic care. Requests for gynecologic visits will be addressed by your provider for same-day appointments, same-week appointments, or telemedicine visits. Non-urgent surgical procedures have already been postponed.
To help give you the most accurate, scientific, and up to date information, we are dedicating time and resources to frequently updating our website. Here you will find the same (and rapidly evolving) recommendations from the CDC that we utilize to guide our medical decision making. We will also use the site to notify you of changes that impact scheduling at the clinic, answer commonly asked questions, and provide other valuable resources that are available as we make our way through this extraordinary time. Please consider using the site as your first resource for information from us.

Be assured, the providers and staff at Western are here for you. We are vigilantly protecting our site by screening all patients and family members prior to entering, have suspended routine ill visits, and are carefully disinfecting our space in accordance with CDC guidelines. We are also being mindful of protecting our own health, so that we are available to provide you with the high quality care and individualized attention that you deserve.

Please remember, the scientific knowledge, technology, and ingenuity that we have to combat this crisis is unmatched in the world, and we will get through this together!

In health,

The providers of Western OB/Gyn, a division of Ridgeview Clinics


Western OB/GYN, a Division of Ridgeview Clinics, is following recommendations from MDH and CDC in regard to Coronavirus. For specific information about Coronavirus, please visit the following links:

Western OB/GYN welcomes first baby of 2020 at Ridgeview Medical Center

It’s twins! Ridgeview welcomes two babies born in two different years and two decades! Congratulations to mom Melissa and dad Ben on the birth of their twins. Baby boy George Winton was born at 11:44 p.m., Dec. 31, 2019, and baby girl Remi James was born at 12:01 a.m., Jan. 1, 2020. All are doing well. George was the last baby born at Ridgeview in 2019 – which had a record number of births this year (1347 births) and Remi was the first baby born at Ridgeview in the new year and decade. Delivering physician was Dr. Dennis Mohling, Western OB/GYN, A Division of Ridgeview Clinics.

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Why it’s important to find the right OB

Sarah Hoops knew her OB/GYN physician was a good fit after the first appointment.

When Sarah became pregnant with her first child in 2015, she wanted to find care near her home in Chanhassen, MN, so she asked her friends and neighbors. “My colleagues referred me to Ridgeview because they had delivered their babies there and each had positive experiences,” Sarah said. That’s how Sarah found her OB/GYN provider, Rebecca Baudoin, MD, Western OB/GYN, A Division of Ridgeview Clinics.

“After my first appointment, I knew she was the perfect fit for me,” Sarah said.

“Going to my appointments with Dr. Baudoin were more like visiting a friend. I had two uncomplicated pregnancies, but Dr. Baudoin was always willing to listen to my gripes about things that go along with being pregnant—allowing me to vent and leave feeling emotionally perked up! Dr. Baudoin was consistently patient, understanding, and so reassuring. Appointments were actually fun. She was able to relate to me because she has kids of her own,” Sarah said. “With both pregnancies, we were excited and confident to be teaming with Dr. Baudoin and Ridgeview.”

“Now that my family is complete, I’m a little sad that prenatal and postpartum care is behind me,” she added.

Fertility treatment brings three babies, but four blessings

Ellen Bartyzal and her husband, Tony, celebrated their twins’ first birthday in August, after planning the event with an extra sense of gratitude for their now family of five. “I have three very healthy babies, when—just a few years ago—I thought I might have none,” Ellen said.

Like any young couple, Ellen and Tony of New Prague never anticipated having any difficulty getting pregnant when they decided to start their family. But as the months ticked by, Ellen watched her girlfriends get pregnant, delight in their pregnancies and deliver beautiful babies—and still nothing happened for her.

After a year, the Bartyzals visited Sarah Bot, PA-C, a fertility specialist at Western OB/GYN, A Division of Ridgeview Clinics. “It was really the only place I considered for care because I had heard such great things about the Ridgeview system,” Ellen said.

Initially, the Bartyzal’s fertility treatment was what any couple would hope for. It was the best possible scenario. There were no apparent reproductive concerns for either parent and all serious complications were ruled out. “I’m really optimistic that we can help you,” Sarah told the couple.

Henry Bartyzal, now age 3 ½, was born 10 months later through intrauterine insemination (IUI).

He was Ellen and Tony’s first blessing.

According to Sarah, “An important part of Ellen’s treatment involved monitoring her ovulation through ultrasound. It was used to help Ellen conceive Henry and would also be a part of her second round of fertility treatment.”

Since insemination worked with the very first try, Ellen was pretty optimistic when they started the process again for a second time. But when her ultrasound found something unexpected, family planning took a back seat to an immediate and serious health concern. Ellen’s ultrasound had uncovered a large mass in her colon which was later determined to be an aggressive precancerous cyst. “Had I not been receiving fertility treatment—and the ultrasound—that tumor would never have been found,” Ellen explained. “My doctor said that had another year or two gone by, it likely would have developed into stage IV colon cancer.”

Ellen gets emotional when she reflects back to how her fertility journey brought more blessings for her family than she could have ever anticipated. “I come from a family of six kids and, after my cancer scare, all of my siblings had colonoscopies as well. Everyone was clear except for my younger sister, who was only age 28 at the time. Doctors found that she had the same type of precancerous polyps, although less advanced. The polyps were removed and my sister is fine.”

Ellen and Tony still wanted more children, so Ellen resumed fertility treatment in September, 2017. The following Christmas morning, she took a home pregnancy test and was delighted to learn that she was pregnant once again. In August 2018, the Bartyzals had twin girls. “Emma and Kate were the perfect addition to our family,” Ellen said.

Today, following her emotional journey to have a family of her own, Ellen often pauses to reflect on her sometimes chaotic life with young children. “When I am with my kids, I give them my full attention—100 percent,” Ellen said. “I feel grateful for all the ups and downs that come with being a parent because of everything I’ve gone through to become a mother. I have three healthy babies when I thought I might have none and I am grateful to be here to enjoy them.”